Voice chat cum on girlfriend

voice chat cum on girlfriend

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You have the code word? For the you - know - what Stranger: I just accidentally a coca-cola bottle is this bad? A cocacola bottle You: I accidentally a coca-cola bottle and is this bad my parents will come home in 10 minutes help Stranger: I accidentally a cocacola bottle is this bad?

I accidentally the whole bottle Stranger: Well, anything cool going on in ny atm? Im probably the hottest person in Norway Stranger: Im like a viking sexy symbol Stranger: So what do hawt ppl do in ny? Sit around talking to ppl on omegle? I don't blame you You: Sure, why spoil the fun You: Norwgians love 'em You: It's more the fact that you can use them for more or less any purpose You: They come in handy when making love in fact Stranger: Wanna make some sweet potato love with me?

Fuck that, me and my potatoes are way better Stranger: I'm Bruce, I am! You may call me Bruceyboy, though, cause so do all my fellas!

Sweet Bruce boy You: Nah, I'm not very sweet. My mommy tells me that I'm adorable, but Fred says I'm the epedemy of ugly You: But I can't really trust neither, as my mommy loves me, and Fred hates me You: I suppose I'm something inbetween, huh? You became quite scilent over there You: I hain't upset you, have I? If I have, please tell me, and I will appologize! People tend to think that I'm a little intimedating, you know, but that's just the way I am.

Tell me what I've done wrong, fella! I'll fix whatever it is if I can, you know You: I'm a good boy, you see You: Mommy always tells me so! Are you making all this up? What do you mean, fella? Mommy always says I've got a great immagination, and I think it's true. So what did you get for christmas Brucie?

There was this one time, when I was reading a book, and afterwords I tried to dig a hole to Hell, but mommy said that I was sure to go to heaven, because I'm such a sweet boy, and then I stopped it You: I got myself a lunch box!

With drawings of all my favorite cartoon characters on it! How old are you bruce? And on the front of it, mommy has typed: That's actually right, it is! I turned 16 in the summer! Boy did I get quite the coolest gift ever! I got these Cartoon-character trowsers which flashed colours when I moved! And shoes in the same style! Arnt you interested in girls, cars, partying?

So, what did you get for Christmas? There's this really cute girl at school, named Roxy. Something tells me she don't like me very much, though You: She thinks I'm sort of immature and strange, and maybe I am.

But I can't do anything about liking cartoon characters! That's just what I'm in to, if you know what I mean You: She hangs out with Fred and his gang, though, and they're rather mean-spirited, if you know what I mean Stranger: There was this one time, when Fred stole my trousers and let them on fire You: I didn't like that very much.

They were rather expensive, and I was of course punnished when I got home You: I said I'd lost them. I couldn't tell the truth, or they would think it was miserable at school, which it isn't Stranger: Well it wasnt your fault was it Stranger: Oh my gosh, I've talked about myself all this time! You must be dead bored, tell me something that interests you, fella! Naa Im okay You: Don't you think it's rather selfish of me just talking about myself all the time?

Han holdt overraskende lenge. I'm looking for a gay You: Selv om jeg er mann, kunne jeg ikke la være Det som ikke dreper deg gjør deg sterkere. Svar på siterte innlegg       Tøm. Logg inn Trenger du en brukerkonto?

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Voice chat cum on girlfriend


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